Foundation Service

California is subject to a lot of dramatic weather changes. From extreme dry heat to heavy rains, and snow. These weather conditions can create a major problem for your home’s foundation.

Dry Heat: It’s not uncommon for CA to have a drought or extremely hot summer. The hot weather removes the moisture from the soil. The soil dries it shrinks as it dries, and moves away from your home’s foundation. The space surrounding your foundation allows for movement and settlement. When this happens you’ll start to see drywall cracks, cracked bricks, stuck windows and doors and concrete cracks in your garage or porch.

Rain & Snow: The ground surrounding your home’s foundation will soak up the water, and if you live on expansive soil this could create a big problem. If you don’t have a drainage system in place, or the footing drains are clogged, the water will accumulate next to your foundation. The pressure or weight of the water against your foundation – a.k.a. hydrostatic pressure – will create foundation problems like bowed walls, horizontal foundation cracks and brick cracks.

Flooding: The sudden change of water surrounding your foundation can spell trouble. Just like rain and snow, the flooding can result in settlement, collapsed walls and other serious structural problems.

Foundation Repair – Why Choose We Remodel & Build?

We’re known best for being better for a good reason. And it starts with respect. We understand that finding the right foundation repair contractor and solution for your home is stressful. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your foundation – If your home doesn’t need foundation repair, we’ll tell you. We don’t believe in hiring pushy salesmen. We have foundation repair experts who have been extensively trained by our team of Professional Engineers to diagnose foundation problems and design the best solution for your home. Every foundation repair solution we recommend has been tested and approved by the International Code Council for strength, stability, and durability. So you can be confident knowing that you’re receiving only the best solution for your foundation problems. When you’re ready to have someone inspect your foundation, we’d sure appreciate the opportunity to do that for you. Our inspections are free, complete, and professional, and requesting your free inspection only takes 60 seconds.